1)  The cemetery is generally reserved for the remains of the members of St. Mary's Parish in Chester.  However,
non-Catholics who are immediate members of a Catholic family may be buried in a family lot with accompanying
religious services.  Other Catholics who are non-parishioners can be buried in the cemetery (see #3 below for the
price of graves).  The cemetery is the property of St. Mary's Parish which is a part of the Diocese of Belleville.  
Please respect the cemetery property and all that is in it.

2)  No lot shall be used for any other purpose than as a place for deceased human bodies.

3)  All graves purchased have "endowed care."  The price for a single grave for parishioners is $100.00.  The cost
of "endowed care" for each grave is $100.00.  For non-parishioners the cost of a single grave is $200.00.  The cost
of "endowed care" for each grave is $100.00. (Note: these prices reflect lots in the original part of the cemetery.  
Refer to #3a for pricing in the new section of the cemetery).  The cost at this time for grave openings and closings
are as follows: Regular (Adult) Size - $350.00; A child (6 years & under) or a cremation urn - $100.00.  (The cost of
first opening of a 2 burial on one grave space would be $700.00 & the second opening would be $350.00).  Note:
On this kind of burial, a concrete box or vault will be required.  Cost of a burial on a Sunday or holiday would be
$50.00 more.

3a)  Having opened the new section in the cemetery September 1, 2000, the price of a single grave in the new
section for parishioners is $150.00.  The cost of "endowed care" for each grave is $150.00.  For non-parishioners
the cost of a single grave in the new section is $250.00.  The cost of "endowed care" for each grave is $150.00.  
The cost of grave openings and closings will be the same as in #3 above.  Also please refer to item #12 in regard to
vaults in the new section.

4)  The term "
endowed care" shall mean the sowing of grass in the proper season, the cutting of grass at
reasonable intervals, the raking and cleaning of lots, the filling of sunken graves, and such work as may be
necessary to keep the lot in good condition, meaning to continue forever similar work to that now regularly done
upon the lots in endowed care in St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery.  Under the agreement the Cemetery Committee
does not bind itself to maintain, repair, or replace any gravestones or monumental work erected on the lot, not plant
flowers or ornamental plants upon graves, and not to do any special or unusual work.

5)  Upon
full payment of the purchase price of a burial lot, the family shall receive a certificate of permit for burial,
forever securing to him/her and to his/her family as well as his/her descendants the said lot as his/her lot for burial.

6)  Lot owners shall not allow interments to be made in their lots for a remuneration.  Resale of lots shall be made
through the Cemetery Management only.  A minimal cost of $5.00 per grave for the transaction will be asked.

7)  After the first interment, no further interment shall be allowed on any lot against which there are unpaid charges.  
If after one year from the purchase of the lot, the schedule of payments is not met, the purchaser forfeits his/her
rights, and such lot shall revert to the above named cemetery.

8)  No planting of shrubbery, flowers or trees will be permitted.

9)  Decorations that interfere with cemetery maintenance will be removed at the discretion of the caretaker.  Funeral
designs and floral pieces placed upon the grave after burial will be removed as soon as they become unsightly.  A
month before Easter all grave blankets, floral arrangements, etc. are to be removed.  This reminder will be placed in
the weekly church bulletin and a notice will be placed in the local paper.

10)  Depositing rubbish or refuse of any kind upon the lots, walks or drives at any time is prohibited.

11)  It shall not be permitted to place flowers in glass jars or tin cans upon the graves.  Receptacles for cut flowers
shall be sunk level with the ground.

12)  The use of vaults or concrete boxes is required for all burials in the new section of the cemetery which was
opened September 1, 2000.

13)  All excavation for foundations and masonry work for the same shall be supervised by the cemetery caretaker or
a duly appointed representative.  The sum of $10.00 shall be paid to the cemetery caretaker by the stonesetter to
defray the cost of supervision of the excavation for and setting of tombstones, monuments and headstones.  
Monument makers who fail to comply with the rules and regulations of cemetery management will not be permitted to
place monuments, etc. in this cemetery.

14)  Monuments, markers, stones, etc. shall be of masonry material (or bronze).  Any others shall be approved by
the cemetery committee.  Pictures that are part of the monument and are provided by the monument company are

15)  All monuments, etc. shall be set on foundations of solid concrete of sufficient size and depth for the
superstructure.  The foundation must be six inches wider on all sides than the monument base.  The foundation
must be within 2 feet of the head end of the grave space for an upright monument.  All other markers shall be flush
with the ground.

16)  The cemetery management shall have the right to remove any structure for which a permit has not been

17)  The cemetery management will take every precaution to protect all private property of lot and grave owners in
the cemetery from loss or damage.  But it distinctly disclaims all responsibility for loss or damage beyond reasonable
control, and especially from acts of thieves, vandals, rioters or mischief makers, and from all acts of providence
including winds, tornadoes, hail, snow, or freeze damage.

18)  Any situation not covered by these rules or regulations will be judged individually by the cemetery committee or
the parish council.

19)  Infringement of these rules and regulations shall, ipso facto, cause the loss of all rights of burial on said lot, and
may, if the situation warrants, be prosecuted by law.

20)  The right is hereby reserved to make reasonable, additional by-law changes, charges and regulations from
time to time as are calculated to work for the benefit of the cemetery.

21)  All applicable rules and regulations issued by the State of Illinois through the Cemetery Care Act will apply to St.
Mary's Cemetery.