Article/Photos from St. Mary's Roofing Project - September
21/22 and September 28/29, 2007
* Article and photos courtesy of Carolyn Schwent *

School was out for the weekend, classrooms were empty, books were closed, but
there was still plenty of activity at St. Mary's School in Chester!  The parking lot full of
vehicles belonging to volunteers showed the generosity of many St. Mary's
members.  Over the weekends of September 21/22 and 28/29, a large number of
volunteers gathered to share their skills as they worked to remove the old roof of St.
Mary's gymnasium and replace it with a new roof.

The roof on the gym was last replaced 28 years ago and signs of aging were
becoming evident inside the building.  All labor and materials for this big project
were donated by St. Mary's parish school families and friends.  The lovely late
summer weather allowed the volunteer crew to work over 25 hours during the 4
weekend days.  On each Friday evening, the workers removed one side of the old
roof.  Early Saturday morning they worked to put new shingles on the exposed side.  
The intense labor and teamwork is evident in the removal and replacement of 50
squares the first weekend and 40 squares the following weekend.  The volunteers
also repaired the membrane roof on the library section.

The generous volunteers on the project included: Bill Gross, Dennis Gross, Larry
Gross, James Gross, Wally Wathen, Dustin Wathen, Larry Blechle, Todd Moeller, Dan
Moeller, Mike Atchison, Don Wingerter, Phil Wingerter, Rob Wingerter, Pete Jany,
Jeremy Jany, Morris Jany, Mark Korando, Steve Niermann, Derek Niermann, Ron
Liefer, Dustin Roche, Richard Holley, Rhett Holley, David Ludwig, Marty Bert, Tim
Bert, Shawn Schweizer, Craig Eubanks, Bob Saak, James Zimmer, Mike Robinson,
Bernie Kerkhover, Grant Deterding, Mike Jungewaelter, Stan Buchheit, Brandon
Buchheit, Bruce Buatte, Derek Buatte, Matt Colvis, Jay Allison, Jay Wittenborn, Jim
Shields, Horacis Landeros, and Glenn Long.

The large equipment needed for the project was donated and provided by Wally
Wathen, Butch Jungewaelter, Mike Jungewaelter, Steve Venable and Gilster - Mary
Lee Corporation.

Each Saturday, the volunteers were treated to a break and lunch at the K of C Hall.  
The meal was prepared and served by more volunteers including: Bernice Niermann,
Bertha Mae Blechle, Barb Marcinkowski, Bob Saak and Cheryl Saak.

The results of this project should benefit St. Mary's Parish for many years.  The
gymnasium is used daily for school activities.  Throughout the year, many church and
community functions are held in the gym.  St. Mary's students, staff, and
congregation appreciate the hard work, volunteer time and skilled labor generously
given by all involved in this much needed project.  
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