September 28,2007
Dear Friends of St. Mary's Parish,

Greetings to all of you and many, many thanks for the generous donation which
reached me this week.  The check for $1,500 is greatly appreciated by me and all
those who are struggling for a better life and decent earning for themselves
and their families.  In their name, I thank each one of you for the sacrifices made
for helping our people to help themselves.

With this money, we will soon be buying food supplies for 500 families for
Christmas and school supplies with some personal items for the 400 school
children.  Then there will be our special Christmas sweet bread, cookies and
some candy for all since they do not have sweets very often.

We also send our thanks for the seeds which you collected and were
distributed during the special retreat that we had in September for some 40
catechists and their families.  It is spring here in the southern hemisphere and
it is planting time for us.  Some of our sturdy plants like peas, lima beans,
spinach, cabbage and chard are already up, facing the cooler weather of 35 F in
the morning.  We used the theme of the Sower sowing seed from Mark 4, 1-9
and we tried to be attentive to the special words we heard and the message
that God call us to plant in our families and communities.  Each of the ten
communities received a fumigator also given by you!  Thank you!

A special occurrence on the last day of the retreat was the inauguration of the
new road going up to another distant community called Cosai.  The people with
the help of a tractor made this road possible and it was a beautiful experience
to celebrate its completion.  They can now bring their produce to the main road
so that it can be taken to a city where people have some money to buy or
something else to trade for the fresh vegetables.

God Bless each one of you!

Very gratefully,
Sister Anne Irose, ASC
The photos below are from Sr. Anne's visit to Camata, Bolivia in September, 2007.
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